If you are a current customer, use the form below to sign up for auto-refills.

Our auto-refill program is designed to help our customers stay on track with their maintenance medicines. Lee Drug will automatically fill your prescriptions when they are due and send you a text alert once they’re ready to pick up.

Be sure to check the bottom of your prescription label to make sure you have refills & the prescription is not expired.

If at any time your medicine does not have refills, we send a request to your doctor if your doctor accepts refill requests, otherwise you may have to call and request refills.

If you have more than 4 refill numbers, add the rest in the last “notes” field. 

Be sure to click “SUBMIT” after filling in the information.


Prescription Information

Below, list the RX numbers you would like to add to auto-refill. This number can be found on the label of a Lee Drug Store bottle in the top left corner. Each number is 7 digits long and starts with a 1.
If needed, add additional RX numbers in this space.